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Redemption Weather (Aces High MC - Cedar Falls #1)

Redemption Weather (Aces High MC - Cedar Falls #1)

Aces High MC - Cedar Falls Book 1


When I married Walker Smithson, I thought it was the happiest day of my life.
My family was there, we had a bright future ahead of us, and the world was ours for the taking.
Then the storms started coming.
First, there was the one that took my family.
Then, there was the one that took my husband.
Moving to a new town, new state, and starting a new life was never on my agenda until I couldn’t take the ghosts, both living and dead, that haunted my every waking moment in the town I’d grown up in.
I’d been wrong about my life before. Being wrong brought me to Cedar Falls, West Virginia and left me on the doorstep of the same motorcycle club that had failed me before. It took me to a place where my future was waiting for me.
You know what they say about smoke? Where it appears, flames aren’t far behind. I wasn’t ready for the scorching passion that developed between us, but my Smoke withstood the storms and brought me through to the other side where the only mark left on me was the one that he burned into my heart.

Aces High MC - Cedar Falls Series
(Books 1 & 2 are a duology and should be read in order. Other books in the series can be read as standalone books)
1 - Redemption Weather
2 - Smoke and the Flame
3 - Proven
4 - Evermore

*Redemption Weather is a full-length, stand-alone novel in the Aces High MC World of Books and is meant for adult readers. 


Sensitive readers: this book includes sex, violence, death, inferitlity issues, infidelity (not by main characters), and other possible uncomfrtable reading material/ triggers. Read at your own risk!


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