What is MC Romance?

MC = Motorcycle Club

An MC Romance is one that revolves around the motorcycle club culture and will have somewhat darker themes than other contemporary romances.

What falls under "other contemporary" romance titles?

- Stand alone novels set in present day, or very recent time.

- Contemporary New adult or adult romance series

What is Rockstar Romance?

Rockstar Romance

A Rockstar Romance is one that revolves around the music industry in some way, and the culture/sterotypes inherent within it.

*also includes other genres of music, not just rock.

Angel Girl

SHE Series #1

Jamie Murdock may have run from her destiny, but it's about to catch up to her in a big way!

Find out how in the first book from the new SHE MC Series.

Come ride with the women of Sierra High Evermore in this exiting new MC Series about the women who run their own show.

The Infinite Something

TIE Series #1

Everly had one internship to get through to graduate college. Bonus, she was going to get to do it while tagging along on tour with her brother's band. Double bonus - his their bassist was her boyfriend.

Until he wasn't. 

Mending a broken heart on the road isn't easy. Falling all over again is even less so.