The S.H.E. (Sierra High Evermore) Book Series revolves around empowered women who form their own motorcycle club when the men in their lives have failed to do right by them. 

These women aren't anti-men. They're strong, independent, sexy as hell biker chicks who love to ride and are successful in their world.

There will be FIVE total S.H.E. Books when the series is complete.


Angel Girl

Release Day: 04-18-2019

I was born Jamie Murdock, an MC Princess in the Aces High Motorcycle Club. At 17 I was promised to one of the club members. At 18 I ran.


The MC life was in my blood though, and years later I found myself with a new name, running my own club full of tough, smart, beautiful women who happen to love the open road as much as the next guy. Everything was fine with my new life, until it wasn't. It took seven years, but he found me again, and nothing would ever be the same.

* Angel Girl is a 121,000 word novel (stemming from a novel and novella put together into one story) so it is quite lengthy, but we didn't want to charge you twice for Angel's full story!


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Paperback: $15



















Release Day: 04-18-2019

I just want a place to call my own, friends I fit in with, and the job I love to remain mine. The only problem with getting what I want happens to be that I wasn’t born equipped with a penis. Men don’t want me working on their cars or bikes simply because I have breasts instead. Never mind that I’m the best damn mechanic in a 200-mile radius.

Even my own dad killed me with the “man clause” in his will when he died. Sure, I was given his shop, but it would revert to my brother’s name in six months unless I get married to a man who can run the shop beside me. That’s hard to do when the last man I dated ran out on me to do his own thing while I cared for my dying father. The women of S.H.E. are my only saving grace, and even they can’t save me from losing everything. 

Then there was the man waiting in the wings for me to lose it all. I couldn’t help wondering if the strength my dad wanted behind me was just a little bit of Steel.


Ebook: $3.99

Paperback: $10




Summer 2019

Sarah “Keys” Cassidy is a whiz with computers, and while she finally grew out of the awkward mess of a girl that once got her bullied mercilessly, she’s now trying to find her place in a less than accepting man’s world. While looking for legitimate work in the computer world Keys meets with a bunch of women who have their own motorcycle club, and a hell of a job offer.


Now, all she has to worry about is the annoying man-child who tags along everywhere with her Club’s president. Apparently, he has some hidden skills of his own, and when she won’t say yes, he decides to hack his way into her heart.


Ebook: $3.99

Paperback: $10


MiMi Unleashed

Release Day: Summer 2019




I became a shell of my former self while at the same time creating a fierce woman who would never be the victim again.

I almost forgot to live.

Then I remembered how to breathe again when a little boy without a mother was dropped into my lap.

I have to keep him safe.

I have a purpose.

For him - I have a heart again.

That is the most dangerous part of all of this, because now he’s making me feel things, making me see a man, and wish for more.

I promised myself I would never wish for anything again.

Now my heart has been taken.

A promise broken.

The betrayal all mine.

There’s nowhere to run when a heart’s on the line.


Ebook: $3.99