Online Serial Info

The online serial stories each take place over an eight week period with an installment of 8,000-10,000 words per week.

Links to each blog segment will be posted below the story details, on this page, as they go live.

Each new installment will be available on Sunday by 5pm (EST/DST).

Each story will be available exclusively through the Moonlit Dreams Publications Blog during the eight week time period. Once all eight installments are complete the finished book will be available as a complete e-book (for FREE) via the blog, Wattpad, Smashwords, and various other platforms.

Each completed story will be novel length once finished and will also be published in paperback format for readers who want to purchase a physical copy.

Online Serials scheduled for 2019:

Proven: Apr 28 - May 26

The Groupie Journal: July 07 - Aug 25

More to come - dates will be announced as they are available.


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An MC World Story - Aces High - Cedar Falls

I followed my heart from San Diego, California to Cedar Falls, West Virginia. Too bad that heart wasn’t worth the trip.


Thankfully, I had my job, new friends - which consisted of an entire motorcycle club I’d fallen into - and my new found responsibility for a family that was torn apart by needless tragedy.


As luck, fate, or whatever crazy force made such things occur would happen, I had followed my heart straight to Cedar Falls. I just didn’t realize I hadn’t met my heart yet.


Once there, I found myself lost in a woman named Gillie-Bean, a boy named Kade, and what was left of the family I’d helped save from the aftermath of a drunk driver.


As the former me - Daniel “Gray” Grayson - became “Surfer” in the Aces High MC, I realized my own heart had been worth the trip. I was brought here for a reason.

For a new family.

For her.


Week 1: April 15

Week 2: April 22

Week 3: April 29


Week 4: April 28

Week 5: May 05

Week 6: May 12

Week 7: May 19

Week 8: May 26


Aces High is a motorcycle club you come to know through the S.H.E. Series (or maybe discover on its own). Some of the characters you will see in this series were introduced in book three of the S.H.E. Series, JoJo.

Tough as nails alpha males, sweet rides, and seductive smiles fill the pages of these action-packed romances that delve deep into the MC lifestyle.

The Groupie Journal

Paperback: $10

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A Rock World Books Story

Dear Diary,


My life is a complete and total mess, and I don’t think I’m to blame. It all started with my rock star father, groupie mother, and a crap load of drugs a small child should have never been around. It continued with the bevy of aging rock-n-roll groupies who raised me after my mother’s overdose, and my father’s lack of care.

Then, well...

Then it became my fault, but I blame the influences on my life for the choices I made.

My life wasn’t so bad, really.

I swear, it wasn’t.

Sure I was a groupie, but I had so much fun doing it.

Concerts - check.

Backstage passes everywhere - check.

Romps with some of the most talented, testosterone fueled men on earth - definitely check.

No one ever told me what I was supposed to do when I fell in love though.

No one ever taught me to love.

Now, I’m screwed!

Week 1: July 07

Week 2: July 14

Week 3: July 21

Week 4: July 01

Week 5: July 28

Week 6: Aug 04

Week 7: Aug 11

Week 8: Aug 18

New to Death

A Death Viewers World Story

“Andi” Andromeda Meadows was living the good life on campus with her twin sister, “Neri” Nereids Meadows until she felt a jolt in the night and awoke to find her sister dead beside her. Finding her sister wasn’t the worst of it. Andi reached out to grab hold of her sister’s hand and her own world flipped upside down and tinged blue as Neri’s memories assailed her.

Andi would recognize some of the memories since they involved her, but as she relived her sisters last day on earth she quickly realized three things. Neri’s death wasn’t natural, there was something not quite right about herself that she was seeing this, and finally Andi had been framed to take the blame. Now she has to race the clock and let go of the visions somehow in time to convince someone to believe her.

Dates Coming soon

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Lost Souls Club

An MC World Story - S.H.E. MC


Book description coming soon!

Paperback: $10

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Dates coming soon

The Bitten & the Born

A Paranormal World Story

Jade Murphy just wanted to get away from it all, take a hike in the woods, and maybe see a waterfall in real life for once. She wasn’t happy with her life and wanted to get a clear picture of where she was, and where she wanted to be. When she saw an ad for a small town in the Appalachian Mountains of North Carolina her heart lurched. The town’s name was Vision. Surely, fate was speaking to her from the ad.


Her luggage was lost, the rental car was crap, and the cabin she rented had a leaking roof. When Jade went to search in town for someone to help her with her rental situation - since the rental office wasn’t picking up their calls - the only place she found open was a bar and grille, aptly named, The Leaky Roof. It was just beyond The Leaky Roof where fate intervened again, the bite happened, and more than one life was changed forever!

Welcome to Vision.

Welcome to the rest of your life, Jade Murphy!

Paperback: $10

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Dates coming soon