Proven (Week 3)


Christine Michelle

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Book Description

I followed my heart from San Diego, California to Cedar Falls, West Virginia. Too bad that heart wasn’t worth the trip.

Thankfully, I had my job, new friends - which consisted of an entire motorcycle club I’d fallen into - and my new found responsibility for a family that was torn apart by needless tragedy.

As luck, fate, or whatever crazy force made such things occur would happen, I had followed my heart straight to Cedar Falls. I just didn’t realize I hadn’t met my heart yet.

Once there, I found myself lost in a woman named Gillie-Bean, a boy named Kade, and what was left of the family I’d helped save from the aftermath of a drunk driver.

As the former me - Daniel “Gray” Grayson - became “Surfer” in the Aces High MC, I realized my own heart had been worth the trip. I was brought here for a reason.

For a new family.

For her.

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It was my first day off from rescue, and I didn’t have to be at the club until later in the evening which is why it was odd that my phone was ringing too close by to have been where I left it. I barely opened one of my eyes to peek out and noticed Kayla sitting beside me in bed staring at my phone with a look of panic like she’d just been caught red handed at something, and she had.

“Why do you have my phone, and who is calling?”

“Smoke’s calling,” she answered and tossed it on my chest.

I picked up the phone and answered. “Hello?”

“Hey man, sorry to wake you, but we’re going to need you a bit earlier today. We have a run, last minute thing, and need a body to drive the van.”

“Sure when and where?”

Smoke offered up details and then disconnected. I had two hours to get ready and haul my ass to the clubhouse, but that didn’t mean it had escaped my notice that Kayla hadn’t answered what she’d been doing with my phone. I immediately flipped to my texts and saw she had sent out a message to Beth.

Gray: Don’t contact me anymore it’s causing problems with my woman.

Beth: I’m so sorry, Gray. I knew it was an issue. Thank you for everything.

Shit! I was going to kill her. “Kayla!” My voice boomed through the house and I knew she heard me, but she was hiding like the guilty little snake she was. Instead of texting back I called Beth who was sniffling on the other end when she picked up.

“I’m so sorry, Gray. I didn’t mean to…”

“Beth, stop. I didn’t send you that message this morning. Hell, I probably never would have known about it had my phone not started ringing while Kayla was fuckin’ with it.”


“Yeah, seems Kayla and I are going to have a come to Jesus talk a lot sooner than I thought,” I sighed. “I tried hanging in here to make sure she had someone helping her out since she literally has no one. I can’t be that someone any longer though. There’s a reason she has no one, and you just saw a little bit of that.”

“Oh my God, who does that kind of thing? I’m sorry you’re caught up with someone like that, Gray, but don’t let your hero complex keep you in a situation you don’t want to be in any longer. Life is too short.” She would know that better than anyone. Life was far too short to spend it not being happy every minute you could, because sometimes you needed those happy moments to fill the void when everything went wrong.

“Yeah, I’m seeing that for what it is now, trust me. I just wanted to make sure you were okay, and that you knew the reality of that text. Do not ever hesitate to call me if you need anything, and if you can’t get a hold of me you use the numbers Ghost gave you. The guys will see to whatever you need too.”

“I don’t know how to begin to thank you, Gray. My life changed that night in ways that I never would have understood before, but if you hadn’t been the one… if you hadn’t cared… I don’t know where Abby and I would be right now.”

“Right place, right time, sweetheart. Kiss Abby for me. I have to go get ready for some club business, but I’ll give you a call and check in later.”

“Thanks again, Gray, and stay safe when you’re out there riding.”

“Sure thing,” I told her before hanging up, and getting my butt in gear. I didn’t bother hunting down Kayla, because that’s what she wanted when she hid away. I was done with her shit. I had just finished getting ready, and was snagging a go cup with coffee when Kayla finally reemerged from wherever she’d been hiding out.

“Weren’t you going to come say goodbye?” She asked in her sugary sweet voice as if she hadn’t done something to piss me off.

“Nope,” I answered as I stirred a little bit of cream into my coffee.

“Where are you going? You aren’t supposed to go to the clubhouse until this evening.”

“Shit changed, I’ve got a run to make.”

“When will you be back?” The bitchy Kayla called out instead of the sweet one.

“I don’t fuckin’ know, Kayla,” I spat out, exasperated with her personality flips. “When I do get back though, we’re sitting down and having a fuckin’ heart to heart kind of conversation though. That shit you pulled with my phone – not cool. I can’t fuckin’ believe you’d stoop to that level of deceit, but you crossed a major fuckin’ line with me.”

Her face pinched up while her eyes narrowed on me. “It’s always about her! What about me?”

“What about you? What the fuck about you, Kayla? That woman lost her husband and two of her children. I’m just trying to help her out, because that shit is rough on someone, and she doesn’t have any other family.”

“I don’t have any other family either,” Kayla spat out.

“You do. You just ruined those relationships with your antics. The difference between Beth and you is that her life was taken from her; all of it out of her control while you threw yours away on stupid, spoiled, rich girl decisions that got you into trouble. You did it to yourself.”

“Why are you here then?” She shouted at me.

“I ask myself that on a daily basis these days, because you are not the person I thought you were, and I’m seeing there’s really not a big hope in hell that you’ll ever be more than this.” I waved a hand in her direction indicating the whole miserable package that she was. “There’s nothing more than a chick who would start drama with a woman who lost most of her family, because you’re jealous all the attention isn’t on you. I don’t know who the fuck you are, but you are no one I want to give my time to these days.”

“I’m sorry, Gray!” The sweet Kayla was back and whining. “I let it get the best of me, and I was jealous, because I thought you would end up leaving me for her.”

I laughed then. “She just lost her husband and children, Kayla. There’s nothing romantic about that shit. If you had actually put forth more of an effort, you could have been helping her too and been right there beside me every time I went to check on them. I asked you to come along, remember? You did it at first when she was in the hospital, but then it was too much to ask of you.”

“I didn’t think…” she started, but I cut her off.

“You never do! That’s the problem. We’ll talk about all this later, because right now I have somewhere else to be.”

With that, I took off and headed for the clubhouse to meet up with Smoke, and whoever else was heading out on the run today.


Three hours later I found myself driving the box van that claimed to be hauling auto parts, but I was pretty sure was stuffed full of guns and ammo. I didn’t really give a rats ass about laws and breaking or abiding by them so it never occurred to me ask what the club was into aside from the legit businesses they had in Cedar Falls like the pawn shop and the bar down the street from the clubhouse. There was also a diner owned by one of the brothers and his old lady, though I was murky on whether it was a personal venture or part of the club’s legit businesses too.

Since the Prospect, Mouth, hadn’t shown for duty and Hold’Em was busy on a separate run I was sitting in the van alone on this trip instead of having a partner with me as the guys had originally planned. Smoke, Heavy, Wren, and Ghost were on this run too, but the guys were riding in pairs with two leading the way and two trailing behind. We were just passing close to the state line when the blue lights and siren lit up the road. “Fuck!”

“We’re gonna haul ass, catch his attention, and hope he follows us instead of you,” Smoke called over the open line we’d had for communication.

“Do what you do, I have it handled here.”

They did their thing. All four bikes took off like the hounds of hell were nipping at their heels. Taking off in such a manner made them look guilty, obviously, because the cop flew past me in hot pursuit. The problem with this scenario is that there had been two pickup trucks behind the police cruiser and two Harleys behind them. As soon as the cruiser and my boys were out of sight everything started going down.

The blue Ford F-350 took off, appearing at first to be following the cop into the pursuit, but all too quickly he was swerving right in front of me, clipping my bumper, and causing me to swerve a bit before I got control again. “Son of a…”

“What’s going on?” I heard Smoke call out since he hadn’t been able to disconnect with me yet.

“Truck just clipped the front bumper nearly sent me off the… Holy fuck!” I was slamming on breaks as the truck in front of me had just done, and while I tried to pull around him at the same time I was unable to because the second truck had already pulled around to flank me in the oncoming traffic lane. “I’m getting boxed in by two pickup trucks and,” I glanced in my rearview to see the bikes more clearly. “Looks like two Harleys with riders wearing kuttes that do not belong to Aces High.”

“Shit!” Smoke bellowed from his end. “They used the cops to separate us from the load.”

Smoke started barking orders that were apparently for the other guys on the bikes. I was busy pulling the van over and throwing it in park as quickly and safely as I could, because they definitely had me pinned in but good. I wasn’t going down a corpse out here though. I grabbed the Glock I had stuffed in my waistband and took aim on the passenger in the truck that had flanked me. I popped a round off, hitting him, though not in the head so he might actually live through this one.

Then shots were returned at the van. “Don’t hit the fuckin’ merchandise,” someone shouted.

“The asshole is shooting at us. He already clipped ShortStack.”

My seat belt was released, and I was crawling over toward the passenger side door when a voice called out from the driver’s side window that I had kept down for the fresh air. “Not so fast, asshole!” I didn’t think, just reacted, took aim, and shot the motherfucker before he could shoot me. I was pretty sure that one was going to be Dead on Arrival when the law and emergency crews finally got on scene, because he took a bullet right between the eyes.

“Fuck, fuck, fuck! Marshall’s down!” Someone yelled, and if I was counting right that meant there were two down and three or four more to go depending on how many were in the truck taking point. The distant rumble of motorcycle engines spurred everyone into action. I wasn’t sure if they would be friendlies or backup for the assholes attacking so I took aim again, out the passenger side window, and managed to hit one of the guys creeping up the side of the van in the leg. He screamed and went down grabbing at his wound about the same time the back door to the van was wrenched open. I spun and fired, hitting the man who barreled into the van like an idiot. That was four of a possible six that had been hit now. As I went to lean back behind the passenger seat again I felt a searing heat in my left bicep and spun in time to take out the man who had just shot me. Luckily for me, his aim was shit, and I was just grazed, but unlucky for him, my aim was superb and his ass was dead. The truck in front of the van suddenly pulled out and spun around in the direction it had originally come from as the roaring engines of my future club brothers got progressively louder as they finally coming into view up ahead.

There were only three, Heavy having been the odd man out to chase away the cop. As they drove up one of the wounded men began shooting, so I turned and shot him once more. Now he had a shoulder wound to tend to along with the bullet I’d already put in his thigh.

“Well, Goddamn, Gray, you didn’t leave shit for us to do,” Wren called out before laughing.

Smoke was up at the side of the van in no time assessing my state and seeing if I needed medical assistance. “I’m good,” I told him. “Just winged me, dude. There were definitely six total. One of them got away in a truck as you were all rolling up. They were after the shipment.”

Ghost and Wren had been busy with rounding up the wounded men and tying them up on the side of the road while I updated Smoke. “Fuck man, the Army taught you right,” Wren commented as he took note of the wounded and the two that were definitely not coming back from what I’d done to them.

“Call it in, and get someone out here to help clean this shit up,” Ghost bellowed out. We can use their truck to haul the bikes back soon as we get this shit settled, but we need to be quick about it, because no telling how long Heavy can hold off the cops before he ends up thrown in fuckin’ jail for his efforts.” Ghost leaned in the van and looked at me then, also assessing where I was with everything. “Good job, son. We’ll see to your wound in just a bit.”

“No need,” I called back to him, already reaching for the first aid kit I had brought with me. I pulled out some gauze, dripped some peroxide down the cut that was definitely deep enough it would need stitching, and then I plopped the gauze over top and wrapped it tight. It would do for now.

“Well shit,” Ghost muttered. “Never had one of our guys get shot and field dress that shit on his own before. That’s a new one.” He was shaking his head back and forth as he moved closer to the assholes tied up on the side of the road. “Let’s see which one of you pricks will be spending time in Aces High’s special room.” He then completely fucked with their head by pulling out “Eanie, meanie, miny, moe” at which point Wren burst out laughing again.

“That’s some fucked up shit, Ghost.” The man just chuckled and kept going until he got to the part of “you are not it.” Except when he got there it was a corpse he’d landed on so he added in, “because you’re already dead, fucker!”

“Jesus!” This was from Smoke as he shook his head at our club president’s antics.

“Seriously, pick two, get them loaded up in the van for now. We need to get away from this shit show as quick as possible. Crusher and Court are waiting for us just over the line.”

Smoke grabbed two of the assholes, tossed them in the back of the van, and left one of them there on the side of the road with his dead buddies. “This should give you something to think about, maybe consider a life change, Hound.” Smoke’s cool voice rolled through the air like a shot. “Let your brethren know we have their boys, they keep fuckin’ around with our runs and we’ll see that those boys do not enjoy their stay. Let Silver know we’ll be in touch.”

With that, the better of the two bikes plus Smoke’s ride, were loaded up in the truck. We couldn’t fit the third, because Smoke’s bike was a monster taking up most of the room all by itself. Smoke got behind the wheel, Ghost and Wren hopped back on their bikes, and we all took off for the rendezvous point with Crusher and Court, both men were Aces High members from the Tallahassee Chapter. They would be taking over the shipment once we got to them, and heading south with it. Where the shipment would end up was anyone’s guess, and not my business to know as a prospect so I didn’t bother to ask any questions.

We didn’t really have time for questions anyway since we were trying to avoid the police, and had to take an alternate route back to the clubhouse after dropping off the box van to the guys from Tallahassee. Their van had mechanical problems on the way so I ended up relinquishing ours and hopping in the truck we’d procured from the Hell Hounds MC members that had attacked us. Smoke continued to drive, and I started getting nervous when he kept glancing at me.

“Dude? What’s up?”

He shook his head in disbelief and then let me in on his thoughts. “You, surfer man. You’re chill as ice over there like you didn’t get shot today and didn’t kill a couple guys and leave a few more injured all by your lonesome until we could get back to you.”

“Am I supposed to be freaking the fuck out?” I asked honestly, not knowing what he expected.

“Nah, man. I just don’t think any of our other prospects would be so cool under pressure. I’d place money that had it been Mouth in your spot he would have been dead before he even popped one shot off, yet here you sit like nothing happened, not freaking the fuck out, and not asking questions about why you were shot at.”

I laughed then. “Something about me you might not know since I talk surfer slow and all, but I totally have a brain, dude.” I said this with an affected surfer drawl before chuckling. “I’ll tell you what I know. The shipment we just dropped was guns and ammo. I know this because the smell of fuckin lubricating oil was a bit strong in the van when I got in, and it has a different smell to what you would get from car parts. Seeing as those dudes were wearing patches with a different logo and club name on them, and they were all about shooting first and taking names later, I was able to put together for myself that they were a rival club. This was later confirmed when you and Ghost spoke to the men. So, I’m pretty much up to speed on what’s going down and don’t need to ask unnecessary questions.”

“It doesn’t bother you that we’re runnin’ guns?”

I simply shrugged. “Would it bother me had the cop followed me, there weren’t any rivals to take him out, and I got popped for hauling ‘em? I’d probably be a bit miffed, because I just don’t look good in day-glow orange, man. Plus, jumpsuits tend to ride up on the balls, and that’s just not cool.”

Smoke burst out laughing so hard I thought he’d have to pull the fuck over, but he got his shit together quick enough and just shook his head at me once more. “Fuckin’ Christ. It’s like someone put you in the perfect biker-man mold and spit you out.”

“I do what I can,” I offered smugly and buffed my nails on the leather of my kutte as Smoke continued to chuckle.

“Fuckin’ hell! Ghost needs to give me an award for recruiting your ass.”

I glanced down at my arm as he said that and notice the blood had oozed through the gauze and bandaging in a major way. “I’m gonna need some stitches when we get back. You know how, or have someone there that can handle it without making me look like fuckin’ Frankenstein’s monster?”

Smoke grinned. “The fact that you know the difference between Frankenstein and the monster means you’re too fuckin’ smart for this shit, but whatever. Yeah, I can pop a couple stitches in you. Won’t be my first time sewing a brother back together either, so you can keep looking sunshine and surf ready, dude.” The dude was said with a mock, slowness that I just laughed at. Then I huffed out a sigh as we pulled into the compound, because it was damn good to be back home. Home meant I could do something about the ache in my arm, finally.

It became apparent, almost immediately, that I would not be doing something about the ache in my arm just yet, because once we moved through the doors of the clubhouse I had a clear view of the pool tables and the familiar head of hair that was there, bobbing back and forth on a club brother I’d never seen before. I didn’t even think before I was moving. The shit with Beth may have been the last straw, but I wasn’t about to be disrespected in a place I had just gotten shot up to be a part of.

“You have got to be fucking kidding me,” came out of my mouth as I charged forward.

“Shit!” I heard Smoke call out from somewhere behind me, as he had delayed coming in with me in order to get his bike off the truck so another brother could go ditch the truck since it was technically stolen property now.

As soon as I was within swinging distance I clocked the motherfucker, who had been receiving a blowjob from my girlfriend, right in his downturned nose. He never saw it coming because he had been too busy watching her work him over.

“Gray!” I heard my name hissed out in surprise from Kayla and the minute she caught my wild-eyed look she got off her knees and backed up.

“He didn’t know, man!” Smoke was there getting between the asshole with his cock still hanging out and me.

“The fuck?” The bleeding man roared out. “You letting a fuckin’ prospect hit a brother and not a fuckin’ one of you does shit?”

“Fuck you, asshole!” I yelled at him and went in for another hit before I was lifted bodily off my feet and set back down further away from the man.

Ghost appeared out of thin air then and got in my face. “Traveler is nomad, and didn’t know who she was,” he told me calmly while keeping both of his hands firmly planted my shoulders.

“Get him the fuck out of here, he just fucked up his prospect period,” the guy Ghost called Traveller was yelling.

“You’re just pissed he got the drop on you in the middle of getting your cock sucked,” one of the guys howled out in peels of laughter.

Smoke stepped in when it looked like Traveller was ready to throw down with someone else now. “Stop. We’re not saying shit to him, because any one of us would have done the same fuckin’ thing we walked in the club house and saw our old lady suckin’ a brother’s cock. You feel me?”

“What? Old lady?” Traveller turned toward the duplicitous bitch in question then. “You have an old man involved in this club?”

Kayla simply shrugged, still managing to pull off her wide, doe-eyed look of surprise like she didn’t realize she’d been sucking cock in the clubhouse. “I can’t really be his old lady since he’s not a member. So, not really,” she attempted to cover for herself.

“The fact we’ve been together for two and a half years means you shouldn’t have been suckin’ another man’s dick. The fact I’m prospecting for this club means it sure as fuck shouldn’t have happened here.”

“You were going to leave me tonight anyway, I just know it. You left mad, because of what I did to Beth,” she started to say and heard several people suck in a breath. That was when she realized she was really in trouble with the club.

“What the fuck did she do to Beth?”

“That’s for later, I already handled it.” I told the guys before turning back to Kayla. “I don’t even know who the fuck you are anymore.”

“I didn’t want to wait to be accepted as a real old lady,” she spat back, now moving back to her argument about me not being a real brother and just a prospect, a position I was bound to hold for at least a year according to tales I’d heard from the other guys about how long it took them to get patched in.

“You sure as fuck will never be accepted as anything but club pussy, now,” Ghost informed her. “And after this, no member will touch you, so you won’t even be that.” Ghost turned to me then clapped his hand back on my shoulder and sighed. “It’s good to know this now, son. You patch in on Friday officially so that gives us time to get your kutte ready, and the party all set. You survived trial by fire for us tonight so you deserve it. Let that be a consolation, considering what you came home to after being shot.”

“Wait, you’re a full member now?” Regret laced Kayla’s features, but what wasn’t there was concern for the fact that I had been shot in order to earn my place in the brotherhood this soon.

“You got what you wanted just in time to suck it all away for yourself. Now, I have to go clear my shit from the house.”

“No! Wait! I’m sorry, Gray. I wasn’t thinking.”

“You weren’t thinking when you pulled that stunt with Beth this morning. You weren’t thinking when you figured it was okay to suck another brother’s cock at the clubhouse in plain sight. Did you think at all today?” I held a hand up to stave off her answer. “Don’t bother, because you know who has been thinking? Me. The things I’ve been thinking for a while now are that I’m done with your shit, I’m done with you being a toxic nothingness that wastes my resources, and I’m fuckin’ over dealing with the fallout of your dramas on the regular. So, good luck with your house, and your life after, but none of it will include me, because I’ve been thinkin’ I’m just plain fucking done.” I turned my back on her then and glanced over at Smoke.

“I’ve got you covered, brother. You come stay at my place, and as soon as we get your arm tended we’ll grab one of the vans and head over to get your shit.”

“You’re not welcome back in my house if you do this, so good luck getting your shit. I’ll call the cops and tell them I don’t know who you are. I’ll tell them it’s all mine, and you’re stealing from me. They’ll lock you up for doing it.”

“Lock this bitch up,” Ghost called out.

“Gladly,” Wren stated as he took hold of Kayla and started dragging her out of the main area.

“Wh-what are you doing? Get your hands off of me! This is kidnapping! I’ll call my dad and have every fucking cop and federal agent in this place in minutes.”

I laughed. “Your dad isn’t lifting a finger to help you anymore, because you screwed over one of his best friends, remember? Besides, I’ve kept him abreast of the fact that you haven’t changed a fuckin’ bit.”

“You what?” She hissed out.

“He called for a while to check on you at your mother’s behest. I told him how you were doing. I never lied. He told me if it ever got too bad to let him know and he’d come out to have you committed and put in a facility for treatment. He never did spill your secrets or why he wanted to know though, so at least you should be thankful he still respected your privacy enough not to let on about what went down so you could maybe have a fresh start.” This was all true and should have been a huge red flag, but I honestly thought it was just a play due to his anger over what his daughter had done. Obviously, he thought she had to be off her rocker a bit in order to fuck over his friend the way she had. After seeing the way she attempted to manipulate the situation with Beth and then tonight, I was leaning more towards agreeing with him. It wasn’t just that she had grown up spoiled. Something was seriously wrong with her.

“We’ll hold her a couple hours while you get your shit together. Let us know when you get it all, and we’ll make sure she gets home in one piece.”

“You can’t do this!” Kayla was screaming from down the hall again. Then I couldn’t hear her and I assumed Wren had taken her down to the basement where there were three special soundproof rooms. We had two occupied with the Hell Hounds who had attacked me earlier, but there was a third room downstairs sitting empty and waiting. Served her right.


“You’re welcome to stay as long as you like, and don’t worry about being in my way. I’m spend most of my time over at Poppy’s these days. She has Bubba, and he needs the yard, which is something I don’t have here. I can’t have pets in this place anyway. So, you’ll mostly be on your own.” Smoke laid it out for me as he showed me around his three bedroom apartment.

“Dude, why are you paying for a three bedroom place for just you?”

“I had roommates before, but they were both fuckwads. When they left, I just decided to keep the place on my own since I’m on the top floor, and in a corner unit It cuts down on the noise from neighbors on the days when I was off shift and need sleep at odd hours.”

“I hear you there. Our last place in San Diego we had this big guy above us, sounded like a herd of cattle running through the apartment when he moved around up there. This dude was like 6 feet, 7 inches of solid, thick muscle and didn’t know a thing about walking gently.”

Smoke laughed. “Yeah, I’ve had all kinds. The chick that lived next door in my last place was a screamer, and our bedroom walls were adjoining. My ex-girlfriend, Julie and I used to either try to outdo her moans sometimes or find the best fuckin’ noise canceling earplugs and headphones money could buy. It was insane.” He grabbed two beers out of the fridge and handed one to me. “Come to think of it, I think she was a working girl or something, because it was all the fuckin’ time, and never the same dude walking out of her door in the morning.”

“Damn, dude, that’s tough. Let me know what my share of the rent and bills will be here. You know I have no problem paying it, and I’m not looking for a handout.”

“It’s all good man, we’ll talk about that shit tomorrow. Let’s tend to your bandage there and add a little more ointment to that shit before you turn in for the night.”

“Sure thing, sweet cheeks,” I teased. “You take such good care of me snook’ems.”

“Fuck! I knew I’d regret setting your ass up with a room.”

I blew him a kiss as he retrieved the first aid kit. “I’ll see about snagging some antibiotics from the hospital tomorrow, just in case.”

“Yeah, be sure you don’t pop any of my beautiful stitching on the job too while you’re at it. You know you shouldn’t be lifting anything heavy, but I’m sure that warning won’t stop you.”

I just shrugged. “I’ll be cautious.”

Smoke took a hard look at me then. “I know that things haven’t been good between you guys lately, but it had to suck walkin’ in on that shit tonight, especially after the day you had.”

I just shook my head. “Nah dude, that’s the thing. I know I was months past being done with her shit, because it didn’t bother me outside of the fact that she made me look bad at the clubhouse. I had planned to talk to you tonight about seeing if I could rent a room for a bit until I could find a place anyway, because I was already finished with her. I hadn’t planned on another night in that house.” I told him what she had done about Beth when we were packing my things up earlier, and had to stop him from going back to the clubhouse to unleash on her.

“Still can’t believe she didn’t think you’d find out about the stunt she was trying to pull with Beth.”

“If you hadn’t called, I’m sure she would have covered her tracks and Beth would have been too polite to mention it. So, she was probably right in thinking that I wouldn’t have known.”

“Well, fuck, sorry you got shot today then, but not sorry I called at the right time.”

I laughed. “Yeah, thanks for that. Your call got my ass shot, dude!”

“It also got you patched in as a full brother in just a few months rather than waiting the typical 12-18.”


“Plus, they only winged you, so quit your bitchin’ already, pansy-ass.” Smoke’s phone pinged with an incoming message. He glanced down at it, and smiled. “Looks like your ex is going to manage to hold her tongue despite the fit she threw earlier.”

“Yeah? How’d they manage that miracle?”

“Did we ever tell you that we have cameras in the clubhouse? Everything gets wiped at the end of the night if there’s nothing useful on the feed, but we’ve determined after countless incidents that it’s best not to inform the prospects before they’re patched, you feel?”

“I get that. So, you caught her on camera, huh?”

Smoke nodded. “The guys let her know that no one would believe shit she had to say when we showed that she was there willingly to cheat on you with another brother, and that she was just acting out and making shit up since she was pissed she got caught and lost access to your bank account as a result.”

I laughed then. “Good, It’s about time she found out the world doesn’t revolve around her shit.”

“Yeah, and just so you are aware, she was giving the edict by Ghost that she is persona non grata at the clubhouse, near the brothers, or properties and businesses the club is involved with. The guys all got the message that she’s banished too.”

I breathed a sigh of relief. “I’m fuckin’ stoked to hear that shit, dude! That’s really fuckin’ good, because it gives me a chance to actually start with a clean slate without her showing up and bringing her drama around,” I explained, probably needlessly, because I’m pretty sure he understood. Then Smoke took off not long after that to head to Poppy’s house while I got settled into my new living situation.


Proven Week One // Week Two // Week Four (available 5-06-18)


That's it for this week's installment. Come back next Sunday for Week 4 of Proven by Christine Michelle.

If you can't wait that long, you can check out Dancing With Danger (Aces High - Dakotas Book 1) by Christine Michelle. It takes place in the same MC World as Proven.

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