Aces High - Dakotas Series

There are four books currently planned in the Dakotas Series

Dancing with Danger

Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot

Cherries and Cream

The Restart and the Remedy

Dancing With Danger

Available Now

What do you do when your husband, an ex-NFL running back, is trying to have you murdered?


You get kidnapped, run, dance in questionable strip clubs, and stay under the radar while trying to survive. 


That is exactly the path that I took, only in the end, it lead me to a motorcycle club in the Dakotas and to a family I never knew I had. I don’t know if they can keep me safe or sane, especially after meeting their VP - Rage. I do know it’s time to stop running, and to start living again.


*Meant for adult readers, strong language, violence, and sexual situations.Over 70K word, full length, stand alone novel with an HEA


Ebook: $0.99

Paperback: $10

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Preorder Available

Release Date: 02-14-19

I was sent to South Dakota with a tattoo artist, biker named Tango in order to keep me safe from whatever mess my brother had gotten himself into this time.
Tango was a stupid name for a tough biker who was supposed to be able to protect me. How was a man named after a dance supposed to do anything to keep me safe?
Stupid name. Sexy biker though.
Lucky for me, I had been dead wrong about pretty much everything.
Wrong about his name.
Wrong about his ability to take care of me.
I wasn’t wrong about how sexy he was though. My perpetually soaked panties were all the evidence anyone needed that Tango could dance all over my body any time, anywhere if only I was all that he wanted.
Unfortunately for me he seemed to be in a weird relationship with his buddies Whiskey, Fox, and their girl Amy. No way was I signing on to be the lettuce in that screwed up sexual sandwich.
Nope. Nope. Nope.
I might need protection from an entire MC, but I did not need to share my man. Ever.
Then again...
I’d been wrong about everything else so far.
Maybe I was wrong about this too. 

*This is an 80k word, stand alone novel, and does not have to be read in order with any other Aces High book.


Ebook: $3.99

Paperback: $12

Cherries and Cream

Coming Soon

I am a twin. There’s me, Cherry; and then there’s my sister, Chasity. I know what you’re thinking. You’re wondering if our names our personalities. I can assure you, they are not. I’m the good girl. Chastity has always been the wild child. We ended up in South Dakota thanks to the wild hair Chastity got up her butt, and now I’m here to stay. My sister left so much turmoil behind in our lazy little town on the Oregon coast that I’m not sure I can ever go back considering I’m not just a twin, but an identical one. When Chastity finds work in a strip club near Spearfish I ended up following her, because what else was I supposed to do? Once there, I quickly realized I was thankful for my sister’s flights of fancy since they landed me right in the arms of the man of my dreams. Literally. He caught me when I fell off stage during my audition, and I couldn’t even bring myself to since it put me where it did. I didn’t get the job, but I sure found something better. Finding Spinner and the Aces High MC was an answer to my prayers. Too bad for spoiling my dreams.

*Meant for adult readers, strong language, violence, and sexual situations

70,000 words


Ebook: $3.99

Paperback: $12

The Restart and the Remedy

More info coming soon...

I was born lucky. I was born into a family of bikers that were closer than most normal families. My parents’ best friends had a boy two years before I was born. He became my best friend, my lover, and what I thought was my soul mate. Then I found out I wasn’t lucky. My entire family had been in on his lies. They backed him. They broke me. I had hatched an escape plan since I couldn’t trust anyone in my hometown any longer. I hopped in my truck and headed east from the Oregon coast to the Dakotas where an old friend of mine had a place I could hide away to lick my wounds and figure out my life. I found myself in the center of a different kind of motorcycle club. This one appeared to actually function as a family, but I knew all about how appearances could be deceiving so when a beautiful man with a slightly battered soul offered a hand out to me I wasn’t sure where accepting it would take me. I wasn’t certain I was ready to try even though fate was telling me I needed a restart and he looked a lot like the remedy.

Paperback: $10.00  E-Book: $3.99 (USD)

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